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In The Beginning...

The first day of school - 2001.
This is one week before we found out.

On the way to surgery. Barney has to wear a mask, too.

While Katie was in surgery, her nurse, Carla, put masks on
all of her stuffed animals.  Even Barbie had one!

Where's Katie???

Oh, there she is!!!

This is Mary, one of Katie's nurses.

More balloons than a Macy's parade!

The zoo is open!

Just a few of the Get Well cards.

This is Mrs. Dragmen, Katie's first grade teacher. We had an
enjoyable visit with her. She is a very nice person!

I seem to have misplaced my hair!

I miss my Katie Baby's hair!!!

Katie's such a card!

Line 'em up!

Give me five!

Balloons are so uplifting!

Well, there's a flattering picture!!!