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Thank You

We want to dedicate this page to all those who have helped out along the way.
To those who have encouraged, supported and prayed for us.
To those who have sent cards, e-mails and gifts.
We apologize if we miss someone.

First and most importantly
Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior

The Grandparents
Delores - We would be in a world of hurt without your help.
Ronnie and Sis for your prayers, concern and being there just to listen.
Wish you were here, but we understand you can't be.

Our Families
Steve and Diana
Sharon and Dave
Keith and Lillian
Gary and Sue
Dave and Kim

The Health Care Professionals
Eileen Gordon - For giving us the bad news, we are forever grateful.
Dr. Michael Levien - You have been supportive and caring beyond
anything we expected.
Kristen, Kathy, Rita, Holly, Faye, Tom, Maureen,
Dr. Bringelsen and the entire staff at S35
 You make us smile in times of great pain.
Dr. Cameron - You make us laugh even though we don't know why.
Linda Meany - You have helped us in more ways than you know.
Karen Hammack - For keeping Katie up to speed
Jill and the Target Pharmacy - For figuring out BCMH
Cookie Butcher at Acordia - 200 pages of medical bills and still countin'

Pastor Gary and Terry Mills - You have enriched our lives.
The members of Willoughby Baptist Church
The members of San Jacinto Baptist Church
The members of Thomas Avenue Baptist Church

Our Friends and their families
Jeff and Shannon
Patrick and Jen
Mark and Lynne
Brother Neil
Patrick and Laurie
Jayne and Jay
Mary Ann W.
James and Verana
Ralph and Robyn
Andrea (Turtle)
Bill and Ann
Kaye the Busdriver
Peggy T.
Donna and Bob
Liz and Russell
Cookie and Gary
Mr. and Mrs. Lowery
Kelly W.
Molly and Steve
Betty Y.
Jeff and Dawn
Bev at Walmart
Carol and Lowell
Peg K.

All of our friends at
Progressive Insurance
Clarke Dodge