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Day 6
Time to say goodbye to GKTW. We checked out at 11:00am.
The flight wasn't until 3:50pm so we went and played a
round of putt-putt. We checked in at the airport at about
1:30pm. We were lucky enough to see a pilot leaving for his
final flight. They pulled the fire trucks out onto the runway
and sprayed the plane as they were taxiing. The attendant
at the gate said she has never seen that in the 18 years
she has been there. It was a real treat for us.
We again flew in first class.
This is John. He was our driver to and from the airport. On the way
home, he was nice enough to drive up and down the streets in the
 neighborhood and blow the horn so everyone would see us.
Believe me, everyone did see!!
Thanks, John!!