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Love Quilt
Make A Child Smile has an organization called Love Quilts.  It is a wonderful group of ladies who heads up thousands of other ladies who make cross stitch blocks.  Then they send them in and the quilters put them together to make a quilt.  The squares come from all over the world. Katies came from Ireland, Brazil, Austria, and Canada, not to mention countless different states throughout the USA.  These women work really hard for children they don't even know, just to make them smile.   Jackie and Kay are the contact women in our part of the country.  They live in West Virginia.  They wanted to deliver Katie's quilt to her.  So they drove about 2 hours to get here.  We had such an awesome time.  They stayed and visited with us for about 2 hours and then before they left out to go back home we went to Cracker Barrel to eat.  We visited for about another hour and a half.  They are awesome ladies.  They are also very caring and selfless to do what they do.  Thank you to all who were involved in Katie's quilt.  She just loves it.  Y'all are very special people.

Kay and Jackie